On April 18, 2019, Head Coach Carlnel Wiley was awarded the TBL’s 2019 Coach of the Year Award. David Magley, President of The Basketball League was there to present Coach Wiley with the award. He praised Coach on his hard work and ability to coach his team with such grace and dignity. He also congratulated Mesquite Desert Dogs on making to their first ever playoffs series.

“This is quite an honor and privilege to receive such a prestigious award. As I look back this past season, I have to thank my team, the staff and the TBL for allowing me to be successful. This is not a one person award. This is a team award.” said Coach Wiley.

Coach Wiley is grateful for the award and is proud to share this award with the team, staff and of course the community. Coach Wiley said, “This award represents the greatness within our community. Our fans and community support we get game after game, makes me work harder each and every game.”